My offering
I'd like to begin with recognition of the need you've voiced in your posting for a Senior Field User Experience Designer. Excellence is achieved through great effort and great people. As business changes over time, so must the efforts that contribute to it. I appreciate the focus on reinvention, and understand that a design thinking approach could be a great asset in these efforts.

With a strong focus on research, and an understanding of customer support best practices, I would look to establish a foundation for exploration, clearly define goals and key indicators for success, and rely on strong collaborative efforts at each stage.

Through continued learning and daily practice, I would provide supported recommendations and be open to the results from testing, guiding future iteration.
My personal Adobe journey
In 2005 I landed my first ever design job by creating magazine spreads entirely in Photoshop. Up to that point, my only exposure to the Creative Suite was Photoshop, and while my inexperience meant that it took longer than it needed to, I was doing what I loved. Thankfully I soon learned that there were additional tools available to make the process easier.

That year, I learned InDesign on the job and was creating layout designs for a 62-page local entertainment magazine each month. 

Two years later, in 2007, I was an in-house graphic designer where I learned Illustrator could make me even more efficient when designing mockups for branded products, as well as advertisements and sales collateral.

The trifecta of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator served me well for years as I participated in various roles including the occasional freelance project. 

Most recently, in 2020 I expanded into User Experience and the obvious choice for me was Adobe Xd for wireframing, prototyping, creating mock ups, and even presentations to stakeholders.

My entire creative career has been intertwined with Adobe, and it seems a natural progression to pursue the next step in that relationship by finding a way to give back to the company that gave me so much opportunity and growth.
What I found along the way
In my most recent position I wore many hats from a solution specialist to a team supervisor. The role I felt allowed me to make the biggest impact was as Client Services Lead. In this position I was able to take my expertise as a specialist and my understanding of business needs to support our leadership team through the development of tools and training materials to improve the overall experience within the team as well as between specialists and clients.
My future with Adobe
I'd love to meet to discuss how my collection of skills and experiences can help make an impact at Adobe. If you're interested to learn more please feel free to contact me, review my resume, or take a look at my portfolio.

Thank you!
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